global “internet presence” solutions (g.i.p.s. project)

global “internet presence” solutions (g.i.p.s. project)

What do we understand from the term “Internet Presence”

The Internet consists of all forms of content and activities generated by individuals, companies and organizations around the globe. There is a wealth of almost unlimited potential that some are able harnest, some not. Whatever your status, if you do not utilize the Internet to the best of your current configuration and potential, then you do not exist there, you do not have an Internet presence.


Your Internet presence starts with a website, but certainly does not end with it. First and foremost, your website needs to be found, amongst all the other 250.000.000 websites, within the realm of sectoral activity that you are practising. Then your website needs to function, after it is found, it needs to serve in optimal configurations of choice and functionality, in strict accordance with your business needs. And finally, the foundation of your Internet presence, your website, needs to be supported and needs to support, all the other Internet based activities, facilities and opportunities  at your service.

Just what is all the range of Internet opportunties and how can you  optimally take advantage of them? That is a question well worth years of planning and research, with unlimited payback potential.

We at Globalnet have done that research for you. We have gathered a complete range of products and services that the Internet has to offer. Our Global “Internet Presence” Solutions, are at your service.

Website, domains, hosting  and email solutions

  • Original Web Site Design with high esthetics
  • Coherent,focused, usefull content production
  • Intiutive interactive features, 3D modeling, Video and gaming content
  • Full featured CMS with administration panel able to broadcast content to and manage all online assets
  • Complete solution with domain name management, hosting and email accounts
  • Domain Monitoring
  • Domain backorders
  • Domain / IP blacklist research and clearance
  • Website monitoring

Search Engine Optimization

  • Website SEO analysis
  • Meta Data optimization
  • Targeted keywords with valuable content integration
  • Relevant backlink generation
  • Social Media sharing
  • Search engine keyword rank tracking

Social Media Marketing and Presence

  • Company / Product / Service based Social media pages and accounts
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Local and specialized alternate social media
  • Follower and like generation

Email Newsletters / eZines

  • Keep connected and support your existing customers
  • Attract new customers with social media integration
  • Lead development and list enlargement
  • Publish to all media from one location


  • Single product or service focused micro website
  • Integration with email campaigns, social media marketing
  • Vertical integration with emailing campaigns


  • Regular, specialized content to draw existing customers and prospects
  • Vertical integration with SEO schemes
  • Distribute parallel content to your eZine

Internet Security Solutions

  • Infrastructure software updates
  • Source code inspection services
  • Penetration tests
  • DOS and DDOS prevention solutions
  • Strong password enforcement

Mobile Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

  • Custom mobile apps for your business needs
  • Consultation services on apps to use for your business needs

Portals and Forums Solutions

  • Online partnerships and business portals
  • Product or Service spesific forums

Social Media Applications

  • Facebook Games branded for your company
  • Facebook Sweepstakes and contest apps
  • Facebook iFrame tab apps

Collaborative Online Business Ecosystems

  • Affiliate marketing and networking solutions
  • Referral marketing solutions
  • Supportive clustering
  • Parallel Sales solutions
  • Website Syndication

Search Engine Marketing

  • Add campaigns; Pay per Click, Pay Per View


  • Full Featured eStore complete with payment and shopping cart services

Large forums, Portals and eStores Presence

  • Registration and direct sales of goods in international stores such as,
  • Registration and content presence in sector spesific forums and portals

CrowdSourcing Channels

  • Registration and campaign initiation on crowdsourcing channels for new product ideas, projects, solutions and designs

CrowdFunding Channels

  • Campaign preparation, registration  and initiation for the crowd funding of new products / services on funding channels

MicroTasking Channels

  • Registration of the company services and know-how in micro tasking forums and web sites.

Online Brand Reputation Management

  • Brand name follow up on the global blog scene
  • Twitter tweet, retweet and link tracking
  • Google Alerts tracking

Internet Research Services

  • Deep web research and report on any subject
  • Academic Repository searching
  • Plagiarism and counterfit search and report

Internet Performance Measurement

  • Website Log analysis
  • Usage Analysis

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